It may not be nice... but it's just lice!


WENDY THE LICE FAIRY OF MONTREAL is committed to providing quick, effective non-toxic lice removal service for all families and those in need.

WENDY THE LICE FAIRY has been servicing Montreal and surrounding areas for over 10 years. 

 Her expertise in dealing with lice is like no other.  She has a knack with children and parents of all ages.  A visit with WENDY THE LICE FAIRY will keep you so entertained that you will soon forget why she's there.  Her ability to remove the fear and stigma is just what every parent needs.

"It may not be nice ... but it's just lice" are the words commonly spoken by WENDY THE LICE FAIRY.

Yes lice is a nuisance, but it ends there.  Lice is not a disease.  It does not hold any life threatening germs or any germs for that matter.

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WENDY THE LICE FAIRY OF MONTREAL offers in-home service. That's right, no need to leave the comforts of your own home to have this nuisance dealt with.  WENDY THE LICE FAIRY offers same day service and is very committed to working around your schedule.  

Typical visits with WENDY THE LICE FAIRY can last anywhere from 1-3 hours.  

Length of visits depend on the amount of hair, the magnitude of the infestation and the patience of the child.  Pre-school children can sometimes take a little longer as they do not always fully understand what is happening.  The setting of being in the comforts and surroundings of their own home definitely creates an easier go at it for these young ones.  


WENDY THE LICE FAIRY offers services for lice screening at schools daycares and camps.  Her discrete way of handling found cases lends comfort to both students & educators as well as campers & staff.  

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WENDY THE LICE FAIRY OF MONTREAL uses one treatment and one treatment only.

We've been using the same effective non-toxic treatment for over 8 years now.  It is effectively the only way to remove head lice and their nits.  There are no shortcuts here.  Combing with WENDY THE LICE FAIRY'S combing system is the only way to be rid of lice and their nits.

One treatment is all you need.  One visit is all you need.  Follow up combing is suggested and highly recommended for optimum results.  WENDY THE LICE FAIRY teaches parents how to handle follow up on their own.  However WENDY THE LICE FAIRY is always available for a follow up visit.  

Our non-toxic treatment is safe to use on nursing and or pregnant mothers as well as children under 2 years of age.  

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WENDY THE LICE FAIRY non-toxic treatment.

WENDY THE LICE FAIRY terminator comb.

WENDY THE LICE FAIRY rosemary repellant spray.

WENDY THE LICE FAIRY mint repellant spray.

WENDY THE LICE FAIRY peppermint detangling repellant spray.

WENDY THE LICE FAIRY full size family kit includes separating clips & tools and step by step instructions.


Remove the anxiety. 

Remove the stigma. 

Remove the lice and nits. 

Resume everyday life immediately following treatment.


We have been servicing the Montreal community for over a decade.  Our experience and knowledge of handling lice will give you great comfort and thankfully limited household chores.


   We take care of our clients

like we're taking care of our own kids.


Lana Armstong
Wendy is the best! I’d give her 10 stars. Last year, kindergarten starts and we got lice. I emailed Wendy and she came right away to show me what to do and it was all natural products. The best! Just stocked

up for the school year. Thanks!

MrsM A
The best Lady to call when you have those icky lice situation. Wendy was beyond professional but extremely sweet. If you want to make is easier on yourself or your family/friends... You should call Wendy, the sweetest Fairy! I highly recommend her services to everyone I know and her magic works!

Reni Fee
Don't hesitate for one second to call Wendy the lice fairy!  Her service is outstanding and well worth every penny.  

She is professional, knowledgeable & a joy to have in your home.  I called Wendy in a panic one morning after discovering that myself and two daughters all had lice.  She instantly put my mind at ease and was able to come over right away to work her magic!  A couple hours later we were all completely nit/lice/stress free!  She was wonderful with my kids and we all loved the scent of her chemical free products.  Wendy has been the #1 lice fairy for over 10 years and it shows , she gave us great tips and armed us with everything we need to keep those horrible beasties away!

Allison Cordner
I have to say that Wendy is a genius for offering this boutique lice service to busy parents. As soon as my kids hit elementary school it became a battle of wills against nasty lice. As a busy mother and owner of a business I had no time or patience to keep attempting to remove all the critters. After three bouts of lice on both my children I decided to call in the big guns; Wendy the Lice Fairy. She taught me how to do it properly and made sure to remove everything. She also has the cutest personality and my kids adored her. What a life saver. Worth every penny and you want to just keep her she is so sweet. Highly reccomend!

Julie Lotfallah
Wendy did a fantastic and effective job with treating the girls at my school. She was a total lifesaver and came in immediately to help us.

Ava Berry
Out of this world service!!! Extremely sweet, genuine and professional. Highly recommend :)

Tamara Malinoff
I called Wendy as I was concerned that I might have been exposed, within one hour, was checked and given the green light. The prompt, personal and professional service she offered made my day. Nothing else seemed to matter to her other than putting my mind at ease. I highly recommend Wendy and if ever you (or anyone you know) are in need of The Lice Fairy, Wendy has surely earned those wings!

Dylariane R
The Lice Fairy is simply spectacular! Calm, cool, collected and fun! Wendy was quickly able to quell our nervousness regarding having lice in the house (you don't actually have to burn all the pillow cases), and put our minds at ease (that I didn't have to shave my daughters head!!!). She, my daughter and my wife laughed the whole time together, which made the whole process really easy and stress free!!! Thank you Wendy!

Aline Phillips
Wendy is patient and outgoing and amazing with kids. She makes an uncomfortable situation so much easier.

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